Plans for 2018

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As of this posting, I have a total of 14 high points under my belt.  The highest peak to date is 8th highest on the list – Wheeler Peak, New Mexico.  I’ve also bagged the lowest “peak” at Britton Hill, Florida.  I’ve taken a good chunk out of the south and southeast (see map), and a piece of the southwest as well.  I hate to play favorites, because each high point has its own special charm.  But I really enjoyed climbing the higher peaks in New Mexico and Arizona.  I’ve also enjoyed other activities and seeing new places and scenery along the way.  Visiting The Grand Canyon in Arizona after climbing Humphreys Peak comes to mind.

Plans for this Weekend

My plan this weekend is to drive up through West Virginia and tag Spruce Knob, then tag Backbone Mountain in Maryland, then try for Mt. Davis in Pennsylvania on the next day.  I’ll stay in Morgantown, WV as my base of operations.  I hope to do some additional sight-seeing around that area as time permits.  The weather is looking OK, I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that topic as always!

Plans for 2018

My goal for this year is to hit 11 high points, to bring my total to 25 which would be the halfway mark.  I haven’t made up my mind on which ones I will try for beyond this weekend.  It really depends on my schedule and what sort of travel deals I might find at any given point.  I would like to take one trip out west however – I’ve been eyeing the Dakotas for next fall.  Stay tuned to see where I land next!

I also want to add a category to the blog with some travel tips and recommendations.  There are many websites, blogs, and other resources dedicated to travel deals and these sorts of things.  I would not categorize myself as a travel expert or “travel hacker“.  I would say I’m more of a weekend warrior – but I do take advantage of frequent flyer programs and hotel points, etc. and I’d like to share some of my successes on that front.  Especially from the standpoint of someone that has a “normal” career but likes to save some money where possible.

One last thing – I want to add more information about high pointing, like a “fun facts” section.  For example, did you know that approximately 4,000 people have climbed Mt. Everest, while only ~300 have climbed all 50 state high points?  So stay tuned for that as well!